If you are new to schools marketing and the independent schools sector, it can sometimes feel quite overwhelming and complex when you first start your new role. The AMDIS mentoring scheme gives you an opportunity to be put in touch with someone within the sector, from a school not in direct competition with your own, who has experience in the area that you have the query in.

Whether it is queries over advertising rates, website designers, social media platforms, research techniques, overseas markets and agents or just a few words of encouragement that you are going in the right direction, call Tory Gillingham, AMDIS Managing Director, and she will ensure that you are put in touch with the right AMDIS member who will be able to help you.



'I felt just a little out of my depth when I first started in my role as Marketing Director at my school. Coming from a marketing background I knew the theory but was struggling a little to adapt it to the independent schools sector. After a chat with Tory, she was able to put me in touch with an AMDIS member in a school the other end of the country to mine who was able to talk me through a number issues and reassure me that I was making progress - in the right direction as well! After five years we are still in touch and always meet up at AMDIS events if we can'
AMDIS Member


Over the years, this service has proved invaluable to those new to the sector and it has been gratifying to see those that were once new and asking the questions now offering help and support to newcomers today.

This is a free service to all AMDIS members - whatever your level of experience!



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