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AMDIS is here to help with the progression of the admissions, marketing and development sectors within independent education, which is why we offer placement of Job Vacancies to member and non member schools.



Per vacancy

Members £150
Non Members £300

The cost covers the following:

  • Posting the vacancy on the AMDIS Website
  • Posting the vacancy on the AMDIS App
  • Tweeting the vacancy
  • Sharing the vacancy on the AMDIS LinkedIn Page
  • Inclusion in the weekly job e-news, sent every Thursday

Your job vacancy will be publicised by AMDIS until the closing date for applications unless specified.


NEW 'Featured Job' offer  Pay the cost per vacancy plus an additional £100 to 'feature' your vacancy for 2 weeks.  This includes feature promotion on the home and jobs pages of the AMDIS website and extra promotion in the weekly Jobs E-Newsletter.


The Advert

Please include:

  • A closing date - the post will remain on the AMDIS website up until this point *subject to change
  • Contact information and/or a link to a job description as we are unable to attach them
  • A school logo as a JPEG or PNG attachment


The following Additional Information can be added but isn't required:

  • Salary
  • Required Start Date
  • Interview Date
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Phone
  • Contact Email


Job Vacancy Examples

Current Vacancies



Positions within admissions, marketing and development should be emailed as a Word Document or PDF to

Unfortunately job descriptions cannot be accepted.

Unless a chosen placement date is requested, the advert will be posted as soon as possible and we endeavour to process all vacancies within 48 hours. We will maintain communications prior to posting the advert.


Invoicing & Confirmation

Once the advert has been posted, you will receive an email that contains the live website link and an invoice. Please respond with any amends, otherwise, on receipt of confirmation from you that the post is satisfactory, it will then be shared through the AMDIS LinkedIn forum, Twitter and the AMDIS App.


If you wish to discuss placing your vacancy, or require information on salaries and job descriptions, please contact Emma at the AMDIS office:

T: 01653 699800

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